listen to your body • GET UN-STUCK • CHANGE YOUR WORLD

Together we can rebuild the racial landscape


Be the change…but how?

Everyone deserves a dream and a level playing field to achieve it. But the racial landscape in which we find ourselves is anything but level.

We know we need to change our systems for the better, and that we have to “be the change” - but how, exactly can we embody this?

It can be awkward, embarrassing or painful to talk about race -- whether across difference, or among family and friends. Sometimes it can seem futile.

Fortunately we all have bodies that are experts at embodiment - all we need to do is learn to access this wisdom.



At Embody Equity, there's permission to be a learner around Race, including:

  • the history you weren't taught

  • tools to create meaningful dialogue

  • ways to make cultural norms visible

  • ways to sense the right thing to do

  • handling inevitable stumbles and slip-ups

And for those who are further along the journey:

  • how to access your Beginner's Mind to continue as a learner

  • how to work with people less experienced than you

Getting Started



Schedule a call

We’ll ask background questions to learn more about you and/or your group.


group coaching

Helping you and/or your group see yourselves as part of a system through equity audits, coaching, and workshops.


Make a plan

We co-create a plan to change for the better and we’ll be there to guide your prototyping of the plan.


participant experience

Rie provides an important balance of challenge that moves participants along on their journey as advocates for racial justice and eliminating their own biases, in an environment that does not allow participants to get stuck in guilt or denial.

Kari, Teacher