Wow, THANK YOU, Rie, for supporting us with the facilitated conversation. I appreciated feeling supported by you with your frameworks, calm presence, clear experience with this work...because I didn't have the courage to have the conversation alone.

Corrina, Teacher and Experience Designer



Rie is a phenomenal teacher and facilitator of racial equity. She has helped to skillfully bring growth in the area of racial equity and combating racism in all its forms to both my church community and school student body. She provides an important balance of challenge that moves participants along on their journey as advocates for racial justice and eliminating their own biases, in an environment that does not allow participants to get stuck in guilt or denial. She provides clear guidelines for discussion and instinctively knows how to moderate a conversation, activity, or discussion to allow growth and racial justice to be the focus. She is a tireless advocate and lifelong learner of racial justice that allows her to be highly knowledgeable and well qualified to do this work.

Kari, Teacher


Rie has done the necessary work on herself, first, to be able to compassionately and respectfully lead other white people, especially, through the task and the stages of personal racial development. She is humble, honest and constantly interrogating her own thoughts and conclusions; her modeling of that process helped me realize some of the faults and short-falls in my own thinking.

Linnea, Teacher and Administrator


Looking over the last twelve months no one has made a more outstanding contribution to the life of St. John's than Rie has. In Conversations, the Quiet Day mini-retreat, the Racial Autobiography class, the Facing Race Adult Fora and MLK Sunday liturgy she has brought to us superb opportunities, masterfully crafted and presented or facilitated. Her facilitation of Sunday's Adult Forum with Vina from Voices for Racial Justice was a perfect example of the level of that work. It was deeply moving, informative and challenging--a sobering reminder of the serious amount of learning we have before us.

Susan, Episcopal Priest 

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